News 10 October 2016

BARF and frozen meat

Doca Hellas has added the last months frozen meat (as raw material for those that prefer to cook for their animals) but also BARF for dogs. In packages of one (1) kg and in the shape of the salamis for easier management anyone can find 100% beef meat, fish, lamb tripe, chicken fillet but also whole chicken (with bones) and lamb.

Codes can been found in the market for beef, chicken and lamb all with vegetables, that the owners can use as the base for a complete and most natural nutrition for their companion animals. Last products added are chicken full meal and chicken – beef or chicken - lamb full meal which offer a complete nutrition without additives or wheat. Full meal ingredients are among others: apple, orange, carrot, yoghurt, garlic, oils, eggs, lettuce, coconut and apple vinegar. It’s an excellent choice for a complete natural nutrition.

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Last modified on 10 October 2016
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